Digital Communications I ELET2230

 This course requires an enrolment key

We shall learn about the fundamentals of a Digital Communication System (DCS). This course will lay the foundations for the third year course "Digital Communications II, Digital Communications III and Wireless Communications". These courses will give you the necessary knowledge to embark upon a career in Telecommunications.

  • A Master of Philosophy Degree (M.Phil.) under my supervision for a period of two years. On my home page, you will see the publications that were produced by my postgraduate students during their Master's degree. Each paper was presented by the postgraduate student overseas, all expenses paid by UWI. Requirements: Class 1.0 or 2.1 degree.
Major Research Projects

If you complete the following two courses with a grade A-, A or A+

ELET2230 Digital Comms I and ELET3235 Digital Comms II


ELET2230 Digital Comms I and ELET3240 Digital Comms III

Then we can work together on any of the research project courses or internship project. Within the group research project, you can work in pairs over two semesters for a total of six credits.


This course requires an enrolment key